About us

check_32x26Mokra Gora School of Management – MGSM

Development of the organizations in Serbia and their desire to transform in order to respond to the challenges of the great competitiveness has conditioned that the KNOWLEDGE represents one of the key sources of the competitive advantage.

Our goal is to create valuable and unique experience for our students, and to secure for our partners the development of their employees that will bring the new value and provide the stable development of their organizations.

With desire to turn its vision, best defined by the slogan “Your development – our success“ ,  into reality, Mokra Gora School of Management puts in the first place the quality of its services that are continuously being improved, as well as the permanent tendency  towards the recognition and responding to the educational needs of the users.

Even if it is about the School that nourishes the traditional values, experience and knowledge, she is continuously improving and growing together with its students and embracing the new trends by staying always unique and recognizable at the education market.

Value of the school programs is not being reflecting only in acquired knowledge, but also in the creative atmosphere, team spirit and belief that there is a higher goal in the business of our students.

All the programs are being realized at Mokra Gora, one of the most beautiful places in Serbia. Natural surroundings of Mokra Gora are offering to the students the best conditions for intellectual and professional work, practical relocation from the corporate environment and, at the same time, first class rest, enjoyment and motivation.

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