FAQ-pitanja i odgovori FAQ – questions and answers

What is Mokra Gora School of Management?

Mokra Gora School of Management is an institution for professional development of managers. It is founded with a goal to transfer managerial knowledge i to increase the expertise level of the Management in Serbia and region.

Why is it called MGSM and why is it situated at Mokra Gora? 

Mokra Gora is maybe one of the most beautiful places in Serbia,  tide between the natural beauty and human need to preserve and improve the nature. Mokra Gora offers the best conditions for intellectual and professional work, and in the same time first-class relaxation and enjoyment. MGSM is by the standards world,but Serbian school of management. Last, but not the least, the host of MGSM Emir Kusturica is the best promoter of values that MGSM promotes: GLOBAL KNOWLEDGE, DOMESTIC EXPERIENCE, MADE IN SERBIA.

Who are the lecturers and how do we differ them? 

MGSM is community of practitioners who are motivated to transfer their knowledge and skills to the younger generations and to improve, in that way, the profession of the Serbian managers. Our lecturer is anyone who has made something significant in his career.
All the MGSM seminars are modeled by the best European practice. All the lectures are structured in a way to give students the practical guides for further learning and individual work.
Groups are made of 15 students of the same or similar experience.

Which kind of programs does MGSM organize?

MGSM has over 40 different programs that are focused on the development of the professional managerial skills. Programs are divided by the levels of management: basic, middle and senior. Each MGSM program is designed in a way to enable the students to apply the acquired knowledge in practice.
MGSM organizes need corporate programs for companies as well as for the group work of managerial teams such as TEAM BUILDING or KICK OFF meetings before the important projects.

Is it better to take the program individually or under the annual contract?

All our partners with whom we have the annual contract have better conditions, participation in various events that the school organizes and have the opportunity to have programs designed by their needs. That is why we call them strategic partners. The largest number of the companies we are working with are our strategic partners from the foundation of the school.

What differs MGSM from the others?

Our specialty is development of the potential of the managers through career. The framework of our programs are the management programs for basic, middle or senior level. We systematically develop over the years talented managers  who are recognized as high potential. 

Are there necessary conditions for the self-financed students?

Yes. For those students who are self-financed or are part of the academic community we have special conditions. Please contact our sector of marketing and sales.

How to get to Mokra Gore?

From Belgrade, you need four hours of driving on Ibarska highway (Ljig, Milanovac, Cacak, Uzice, Mokra Gora) or over Valjevo in order to get to Mokra Gora. Alternatively, you can travel over Rudnik. Next to the road there are decent restaurants where you can rest. There is a possibility of organizing the bus transport for groups.

What does logo MGSM mean and who had designed it? 

Logo MGSM was designed by the the industrial designer from London, Dejan Mitrovic, graduate from the Royal College of Art (UK). Logo symbolizes the values that MGSM promotes: KNOWLEDGE, EXPERIENCE, TRADITION.

Can MGSM help me find a job?

MGSM is not dealing with the „executive search“ activity. What we do is taking care of our strategic partners and their talents. For specific programs, such as 2MBA we provide for the most talented students contact with the business community.

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