School Council – Partners

The development core of Mokra Gora School of Management represent those who have the interest to develop a project like this, such as businessmen and educational-scientific institutions. The School Council in informal and pro bono body made of those who are using MGSM programs and who are contributing to the development of the informal expert education of managers.

Honorary President of the MGSM Council is Nikola Pavicic.

Mokrogorska Å¡kola menadžmenta Faculty of Organizational Sciences

Organizational sciences, that are experiencing their full development in the second half of the 20th century, gave significant contribution to the development of economy and society in general. The intensive development of the organizational sciences defined in the areas of management and informational systems and technologies conditioned the growth of efficiency and the improvement of the business systems.

Mokrogorska Å¡kola menadžmenta Economic Institute

Economics Institute lasts for more than 10 decades. It integrates the tradition, resources and references of two institutes: Economics Institute and Institute for the economics of industry. With their integration in 1989 current Economics Institute has been formed.

Mokrogorska Å¡kola menadžmenta Chamber of Commerce of Serbia

Chamber of Commerce of Serbia is independent, modern and responsible non-budget institution, national association of all Serbian businessmen that puts its tradition, experience, knowledge and expertise in the service of the best interest of its members and Serbian economy.  Creation of the recognizability of Serbia as a country of the market economy, investment opportunities, open borders, ready to get involved, in a competitive way,  in the European flows is our main goal.

Mokrogorska Å¡kola menadžmenta Chamber of Commerce of Belgrade

Chamber of Commerce of Belgrade, place where ideas become reality.

Mokrogorska Å¡kola menadžmenta Serbian Business Club

Association of the successful businessmen.

Mokrogorska Å¡kola menadžmenta Serbian Association of Managers

Serbian Association of Managers is founded in 2006 in Belgrade as non-profit, non-party and non-government organization. SAM is founded with the goal to become representative association, credible social partner of the Government of Serbia in the process of business ambient improvement and speedup of the economic development. In the same time, mission of SAM is to legitimately represent the community of the managers of Serbia in a bilateral way, with a contact with similar national associations in other countries, as well as in front of the institutions formed in the European and global level.

Mokrogorska Å¡kola menadžmenta Association of the Corporate Directors of Serbia
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