Innovation Management in Value Chain



About the program

Students will understand the formal model of the value chain and universal application in enterprises in all sectors of the economy. Starting from the definition of value and growth, to the structure of revenues and expenses, students will be introduced to the formal approach to optimizing operations with partners outside the boundaries of their own companies; the so-called extended value chain.

Students will, during the two-day seminar, be presented with concrete examples of practices of the world’s largest corporations and case studies of the leading consulting firms on priorities and areas of business improvement, depending on the complexity and the results achieved. In contrast to the creation of value, they will be introduced to the basic characteristics of „dissipation values“ – Waste and Lean management and application in manufacturing, services and trade.


The program is designed for managers in the following areas – development, finance, logistics and supply chain, as well as managers and business owners who want to improve their business with our business partners in the new, high quality manner and to achieve concrete results.

  • Value Chain Management as a business model, the company and its business environment
  • Fundamentals of Lean Management
  • Diagnostics business through the „Value Chain Analysis“: A Practical Approach to the field
  • Innovation business
  • Change Management
  • Strategic development of „Value Chain Management“
 About the lecturer

vladimir-krasojevicVladimir Krasojević has more than 25 years of experience in logistics and supply chain management. As the first logistics manager in Serbia in the 1980’s, at a time when he was working at the Faculty of Transport in Belgrade and the economy, he was invited to Switzerland where he formed the „International Institute for Management Logistics (IML)“. As assistant director of IML, Vladimir established a network in which there are more than thirty members of the corporation IML and EUNIL (European University Network and Logistics). He represented Switzerland in the European logistics Association. The last 14 years he has been working in the company “ Philip Morris International“ in Switzerland and the Netherlands. Vladimir is the owner and founder of the consulting company  „LeapFrog“, based in Cham in Switzerland, which is engaged in innovation strategy and value chain. He is a member of multiple professional associations for management and the supply chain.

Time and place of program

Date: 8th – 9th April 2016.

Duration: 2 days

Cost of program: 40.000,00 RSD + VAT

*The price of the program includes refreshments and a light lunch.

**Corporate partners, the academic community, self-financed students and the unemployed have special requirements.

Lecturer: Vladimir Krasojević

Location: Campus Belgrade

Contact: Aleksandra Radovanović, Program Coordinator, phone: 065/303 5089

You can fill out the application form for the program on the following link.


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