Knowing the Customers

About the program

The topic is that of consumer behavior, the implications of the behavior of the company and, most importantly, the application of the understanding of consumer behavior to make better business decisions. This seminar follows a systematic approach – completes all aspects of consumer behavior at each stage of decision making.

Consumer behavior, although essential to the survival of any market-oriented company, is not adequately covered by business studies, trainings and seminars in Serbia. This is in response to a deficit in knowledge. Benefit for the individual: the adoption of a system for better decision-making based on the most important person in the fight for market survival: the consumer. Benefit is a blend of theory and practice – it’s the business case based on many years of positive (and negative) experiences of the application of (the lack of) knowledge of decision-making (by GfK lived in Serbia and the region).


The program is designed for marketers – people with experience in fighting for the consumer market (marketing team, sales team, a team of innovation and development). Those who are taking care of the customer, but they lack a sense of well rounded training, in order to recognize the things you should take into account and what can provide inspiration for better decisions.

  • What is consumer behavior and why should we care about it?
  • Consumer psychology: values ​​and value systems, learning, memory and understanding consumer motivations and emotions as drivers of behavior, personal and life styles & case study (as we understand the psychology of the consumer and how this knowledge can be of use)
  • Consumer in the environment: attitudes and attitude change, consumer culture and the influence of the group, the impact of the different situations in the process of consumption & case study (as we understand the impact of the environment and how this knowledge can be of use)
  • Decision-making on the purchasing of: identifying needs, research, evaluation of alternatives and making decisions between options.
    Why Shopper Insights is the HOT TOPIC in all market oriented companies? Case study – how to survive on the shelf
  • More than spending: from consumption through satisfaction to loyalty; relationship with customers
  • Research in marketing – how we learn and how we use what we’ve learned (what I am, and what I need expert help with)
About the lecturer

marijana-agic-molnar-150x150Marijana Agic Molnar finished the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade. Lifetime began in Mark-Plan April 1, 1996, first as a research assistant, then a researcher and director of projects. 1998 she moved to The Coca-Cola Company as Market Research Analyst, and SMPRT Manager (Strategic Marketing Presearch Research and Trends) for the markets of Serbia and Macedonia. She is a member of the GfK CEE Custom Research Board, and by the global GfK management she elected to the GfK Excellence Team. Also, she is a member of various professional associations, such as the IAA and ESOMAR. Vice-president of the IAA 2013.

Time and place

Date: 28th – 29th October 2016.

Duration: 2 days

Cost of program*: 40.000,00 RSD + VAT

*The price of the program includes refreshments and a light lunch.

**Corporate partners, the academic community, self-financed students and the unemployed have special requirements.

Lecturers: Marijana Agić-Molnar and quest lecturers Marijana Kristić and Goran Tintor

Location: Campus Belgrade

Contact: Aleksandra Radovanović, Program Coordinator, phone: 065/303 5089


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