Knowledge management

Knowledge Management

About the program Knowledge Management

Understand a company as a system in the system and find out how to use this knowledge. Discover how soft skills and hard facts interplay to generate higher efficiency.

The Knowledge Management program is designed to develop strength and design a profile of your company for external international development in co-operations and inner development for more efficiency.

Knowledge management refers to an organization’s strategic efforts to gain a competitive advantage by capturing and using the intellectual assets held by its employees and customers. Advocates of knowledge management believe that capturing, storing, and the distributing knowledge will help employees work smarter, reduce duplication, and ultimately produce more innovative products and services that meet the customers’ needs and offer a good value. If a company knows something (e.g., changing tastes of the customers, innovative solutions to international tax issues, or how to use information systems to better monitor production processes) that its competitors do not, then that company has an opportunity to offer a distinguishing product or service.

Knowledge management

Knowledge management, as a business practice, impacts the entire organization by helping employees, managers, and executives share information and best practices that positively impact collective performance. Knowledge management is a value-adding practice that seeks to enhance profits, innovation, and decision making by providing more and better information to every member of the organization.


This coaching-workshop addresses managers at all corporate levels and of all business fields. It will increase your perception of how knowledge is generated and distributed within your company, and how knowledge can be used as a stimulus for change processes and innovation. It will enable you to be competitive by using knowledge that might already be available within your company.


  • What is Knowledge Management – general definition
  • Introduction: System theory and Communication theory
  • Construction of frame and gaining knowledge
  • Role and learning styles
  • Finding ressources and next steps

Each session has a theoretical introduction of the topic and a practical coaching part.

About the lecturer

Monika PickerDr Monika Picker, born in Salzburg, Austria, senior business and cross-cultural coach, trainer and consultant and teacher with broad intercultural life experience in Austria, Central Asia, Russia, Poland and the Balkans an track record at universities and language institutes. Monika Picker has as well strong connections to respective business communities and economic circles and a background in her family enterprises. Monika works with executives, young high professionals and business women assoziations in different countries. She published the first book of well known author Wolf Haas. Monika is member of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce and non profit social organisations, married and has three children.

She is a multi-lingual certified expert in East European languages, culture and history. Her profund knowledge about political and economical backgrounds, interculturally competence with particular emphasis on Austria, Germany, Russia, Poland, Kazakhstan and the Balkans is punctuated by long term foreign residence in these regions. Beeing a highly analytic and intuitive makes her a senior mediator, trainer, communication consultant and business coach for companies and universities.

Time and place of program

Date: 7th april 2016.

Duration: 1 day

Cost of program: 20.000,00 RSD + VAT

*The price of the program includes refreshments and a light lunch.

**Corporate partners, the academic community, self-financed students and the unemployed have special requirements.

Lecturer: Dr Monika Picker

Location: Campus Belgrade

Contact: Aleksandra Radovanović, Program Coordinator, phone: 065/303 5089

The application for the program you can fill out on the following link.

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