General Management Program

General Management Program

General Management Program in numbers

  • 110 work hours
  • 100 alumni managers
  • 80% practical work
  • 15 days
  • 12 programs
  • 10 lectures
  • 2 modules
  • 1 Career coach
  • 1 Wellness coach
  • 1 HOGAN test
  • 1 Test Emotional intelligence 
  • Business Strategy Game  – the first time in the region! In partnership with  McGraw Hill Education


General Management Program (GMP) is a unique management program that prepares the managers for the roles at the executive level and with multidisciplinary responsibility. General Management Program furthers knowledge and skills in the key managerial fields and develops present and future managers who, as leaders of change, contribute to the improvement of performances and realization of the strategic goals of their organizations.

General Management Program


Serbia and countries in the region need more than ever managers who know how to define and to conduct business strategy and plans whose realization brings the new value, managers who know how to recognize and use the export potential and secure the stable development of their organizations. Value of this program is not just portrayed in the knowledge acquired, but also in the creative atmosphere, team spirit and belief that there is a bigger goal in the business of our students.


General Management Program is designed for students from South East Europe:

  • The most talented managers of the companies, organizations and institutions
  • Managers of the middle level management who are preparing for promotion to the key managerial positions
  • Managers who work with foreign partners
  • Owner and directors of small and medium businesses  


  • Program is being organized in two sessions, spring and fall, that are being held in Drvengrad, at Mokra Gora.
  • Program combines academic and practical knowledge and skills in an illustrative and dynamic way.
  • Team of lecturers is made of the professionals who had achieved significant success in their career and  who are motivated to transfer their knowledge and experience to the younger generations.
  • Program has guest lecturers that will share their professional experience with the students.
  • All the students will fill psychological test for personality assessment done by the HOGAN ASSESSMENTS  methodology and they will have a feedback from trainers and other students in order to develop the plan for the use of the knowledge and skill acquired in their business.
  • Students will fill test Emotional inteligence and they will have a feedback.
  • Each student, within the program during the stay at Mokra Gora, has at his/her disposal mentor for career development (Career Coach) and adviser for balanced healthy life style (Wellness Coach). Terms for individual interviews and work will be reserved before the start of the program.
  • Within the program students will be engaged in the case study where they will work individually and in groups.
  • Students will get the certificate on the completed General Management Program    issued by the Mokra Gora School of Management.
  • Program is bilingual (English and Serbian).
  • In the course of the program, students will use a business simulation. Business simulation for a realistic view of the actual operations in the virtual environment. Students have the role of executive directors and make decisions on the operations of the company as in the real world. Simulation is played in a number of stages, and the students are divided into teams. This type of training is a special value to the program, participants receive in relation to other similar programs.


  • Management personality
  • Relationship management
  • Macroeconomics
  • Itegrated Marketing
  • Business strategy


  • Finance for non-financial
  • Public performance
  • Human resource management and career
  • Leadership and change
  • Business strategy

Business simulation

Students compete in Simulation Business Strategy – Business Strategy Game (McGraw Hill Education), the best practical on-line exercises to manage the strategy and operations of the world.
Simulation develops global and strategic thinking of the individual and the team, communication team, the principle of competition analysis, forecasting market trends, quick decision making and teamwork.
Business Strategy Game is used in the world’s best companies and MBA studies at the world’s most prestigious business schools, the game is 60,000 people per year. So far in the simulation included 700,000 students from 900 University from 60 countries.

Place and time

  • Modul 1 – spring, May 15 – 21, 2016
  • Modul 2 – fall, October 09 – 15, 2016

Duration: 15 days

Price*: 240.000,00 RSD + VAT
*Corporate partners, academic community, self-financed students and unemployed have special conditions. For all the information please contact Bojan Kostandinović, Business Development Director via e-mail or by phone +381 65 3035 079

** The price of the program does not include accommodation. Indicative costs at Mećavnik for full board are 5.000 dinars per day .

lecturers: Team of MGSM lecturers
place: Mokra Gora, hotel Mecavnik

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