The Mokra Gora Executive Master of Business Administration (MEMBA) is a master program in business management organized according to the highest international standards, adapted to our needs in the environment and challenges that await us. The Faculty of Organizational Sciences and the Mokra Gora School of Management (MSM) have chosen the best programs and lecturers for the best managers, all with the goal of personal development, the improvement of the organizations the students come from and a better economical status of Serbia and the surrounding region. It is designed for managers and directors with University degrees, top knowledge and skills, all of whom have at least 8 years of work experience.

Students who successfully complete the MEMBA program receive three types of recognition:

  • A diploma with the academic title Master in Business Management, granted by the Faculty of Organizational Sciences at the University of Belgrade.
  • The professional title Executive Master of Business Administration, issued by the Mokra Gora School of Management.
  • Qualifications in accordance with the methodology of the Chartered Institute of Management, The UK (optional).

MEMBA in brief

MEMBA consists of 7 modules in which you will learn about macroeconomics and microeconomics, corporate finance, accounting, business strategy, negotiation skills, operations management, business innovation, international relations, business ethics, entrepreneurship, personal development and leadership. In addition, within each module guest lecturers will be organised in cooperation with our strategic partners.

  • Subject 1: Economics – selected chapters
  • Subject 2: Managerial finances
  • Subject 3: Modern management and business strategy
  • Subject 4: Strategic marketing and communications
  • Subject 5: Managerial skills
  • Subject 6: Subject of choice 1
  • Subject 7: Subject of choice 2

How is the MEMBA program organized?

All details of the program are tailored to students and their work commitments. Memba program is organized in the form of 7 subjects (five compulsory subjects and two elective) for 60 days. Each teaching session is organized to last for 10 days. After the completion of a subject, the student receives a project task that needs to be done and handed over in the next two months. During the preparation of project work each student is enabled to individual support of mentors and access to materials through the on-line / MŠM moodle platform.

The additional value of the MEMBA program lies within the fact that full attention is devoted to every student not only through classes, but also through group work and work at coaching and personal development. The organization of the curriculum can be grouped in the following manner: Lectures + Guest Lectures + group work + individual work + personal development (coaching).

Key dates

Aplication deadline – October 2016.

Module 1: 11-20. November 2016.

Module 2: February 2017.

Module 3: June 2017.

Module 4: September 2017.

Module 5: December 2017.

Module 6: April/May 2018.

Defending the Master Thesis: May/June 2018.

MEMBA Lecturers

The lecturers at MEMBA are chosen according to the principle the best for the best and have extensive academic and practical experience. Professors from the Faculty of Organizational Sciences, University of Belgrade, lecturers of the Mokra Gora School of Management and chosen guest lecturers will all make sure that every student gains the best possible foundation for their future development.


Advatages compared to other master programs

The Mokra Gora Executive MBA program is designed for those who lead or who will lead their organizations, departments or overall operations of the company in the future. As such, the program covers all aspects of business and gives a broader picture to the student with regard to in solving problems in the future.

The Memba program is equally committed to the development of small and medium-sized enterprises and business development in large companies.

Practical examples are derived from European and global cases, but also from cases which are our everyday life.

The content of the program is set up so that it gives knowledge in the creation of both long-term strategic plans and objectives (strategic planning) and also in solving everyday, current problems (operational planning).

The unique ambience of Mokra Gora, visiting/guest lecturers, personal trainers provide adequate and proper personal development of each MEMBA student.

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