Module 1 – Economics – selected chapters

About the module

The module Economy – selected chapters provides an introduction to the most commonly used tools and methods for the analysis of various economic issues. This subject deals with the theoretical concepts and their practical application through examples. The subject aims to provide students the application of microeconomic, macroeconomic and today’s other most important economic concepts in solving many practical problems and economic decision making.

The aim of the course is for students to understand and learn how economic principles, tools, and methodologies are applicable to everyday problems in business management decisions; to understand and analyze decisions under different assumptions about the structure of the market, the macro environment of business and on the basis of available information; to identify and examine the key drivers of economic change, risk and current problems in the national, regional and global economy; to develop critical thinking, problem solving skills, teamwork, as well as to expand and acquire new knowledge and skills.


FON: prof. dr Dragana Kragulj, doc dr Sandra Jednak, prof. dr Bojan Ilić

Guest lecturers (from the 2012/2014 generation)

Nikola Pavičić, prof. dr Vladimir Vučković

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