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About the program

All human interactions are in the form of communication. Business communication staff is what our customers first notice. The atmosphere that prevails among employees within the company is the same atmosphere that customers first experience when entering the facility. What is the quality of your everyday communication in business and private environment? Everything we say, do not say, do or not do is our presentation. And not just our own, our very own , but also the presentation of the company we represent! Whether it is within our own companies, before millions of customers or an audience, we consciously and unconsciously send messages that influence the acceptance of our messages, where they can either get accepted with enthusiasm or rejected with indignation.

The company’s success, the project or the work you do largely depends on how we represent and promote . Learn to be precise, suggestive, short and clear. Get ready for a public performance… Students will enhance their knowledge and skills in the areas of presentation skills, raise self-esteem and self- motivation, which directly affects the image of personal and professional success of individuals, and through his work and the success of the company as a whole.


The program is designed for managers who want to present themselves, their ideas , products and services in an efficient and professional manner. All of which are aimed at fostering and improving communication skills in business and private environment, considering it an important element in creating a personal and professional image.

  • What really drives us and to learn to listen to yourself?
  • Preconditions for (un) successful communication
  • How to manage your emotions?
  • Learn to read interlocutors
  • Asking the right questions, active listening, praise and constructive criticism, breaking bad news, paraphrasing
  • Communication in conflict situations and tools for effective conflict management
  • Business presentation and negotiation
  • Non-verbal communication communication scheme paraverbal, use of voice, pauses, emphasis, tone

Time and place of program

Date:  14th – 18th June 2016

Duration: 4 days

Cost of program: 80.000,00 RSD + VAT

*The price of the program does not include accommodation.

** Corporate partners, academics, self-financed students and the unemployed have special requirements.

Lecturers:  Danijela Nedić, Igor Stević, Darko Todorović and Olja Bećković

LocationMokra Gora, hotel Mećavnik

Contact: Aleksandra Radovanović, Program Coordinator, phone: 065/303 5089


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