Team building

People are the most important resource in any business. Teams which are familiar with each other, generate positive energy and get along well bring great results. Team building exercises help teams with familiarizing with each other, achieving business goals, increasing productivity, keeping up loyalty and creating new value. The Mokra Gora School of Management organizes innovative team building programs, which are custom designed to fit your organization and current team goals and projects.

Through taking part in these programs, your teams stay focused, work together better, increase efficiency and ultimately improve internal communication which leads to increased trust in one another. The MSM team building programs are curated for groups of 8 – 200 people, and durations vary from half a day to three days.

All of our team building programs are created in such a way so that they play an integral role in your business, your business goals , your values, brands and culture. These programs improve communication and problem solving, create strong teams, and allow for further development and advancement of your teams in the work related arena.

In our main headquarters, located in the scenic Mokra Gora, contain a truly unique infrastructure, unlike anywhere else in the region. In an academic sense, things like amphitheaters, libraries,  classrooms and all other study related products are at your disposal. In addition to this, our geographic and partnership related infrastructure allows us to organize filed related work which can satisfy any idea or requirement on behalf of our clients. Our technical team is there to organize events and excursions such as orienteering in the mountains, fishing, train conducting, taking part in rowing regattas as well as a myriad of other activities, depending on the time of year and our clients’ needs.

We collaborate and work with both small and large organizations. We work with clients such as Telenor Srbija, Fiat, Automobil Srbija and Knjaz Milos for example, as well as working with organizations who only have eight employees. The programs can be in both Serbian and English.

If you have a need for a team building program to take place, the process begins with us understanding your business and organizational goals, and then providing you with a program which is tailored towards the achievement of your goals.

Throughout this process of creating an ideal team building program, we cooperate with you and your people in the planning and implementing of possible solutions and  ideas. Your employees can ask to be a part of the planning, problem solving and delegating throughout. We believe that every employee must achieve their personal goals in order to contribute to the overall direct goals of the company, and its organizational goals.

In the creation of these programs, MSM specialists place a focus on your main business goals including element such as development, leadership, motivation, decision making and innovative thinking.

There are two basic categories for the team building programs we offer : 1) recreational-sports and 2) functional program, both of which have a list of other sub categories. The decision as to which of these two categories, as well as all the other sub categories that come along with them are made by our communication and cooperation with the client, and their specific needs.


Recreational sports team building

The content of this team building program has much to do with different sports disciplines, team games, recreational adventure and psycho-physical challenges – paintball, rafting, orienteering, tent building, archery, treasure hunting, singing and dancing for example. This category is more of a synonym for fun, smiles, joy, competition and general good mood. All of these activities have a subtly hidden goal which needs to be realized – better communication, decision making, leadership etc.


Functional program

This is a combination of sports/recreational activities as well as academic and educational activities – strategic management, cultural differentiation, managing communication, change management, innovation and creativity, work-life balance etc. the core aim of this type of team building program is to, other than increasing and improving team spirit, give attendees educational content with which they can improve their professional and managerial skills.


With the aim of making our programs well organized and custom tailored, our recommendation is to plan such events at least three months ahead.

For all the information please contact Bojan Kostandinović, Business Development Director via e-mail or by phone +381 65 3035 079



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