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Vivaldi forums are organized four times a year, symbolically at the beginning of each season, and represent a gathering place, to exchange experiences and opinions of professional people from the world of economic, social and cultural life, with the aim of improving business conditions in our society. The forums have been evaluated as inspiring, useful and preferred by experts.

The MokraGora School of Management has been building and nurturing a partnership with the industry, as well as listening and connecting to all of those who can contribute to improving the economic environment.

In 5 years, the forums have been visited by 1330 managers from our local environment, as well as having 350 lecturers and inspirational guest speakers attending our programs.

Vivaldi forums are organized with the support of local and international companies (Knjaz Milos, West65, UNIQA Insurance, Coca Cola Hellenic, Mozzart, Telekom Serbia, Serbian bank, Srbijagas, Vojvodina bank), educational institutions, associations and businessmen (Institute of Economics, Chamber of Commerce Serbian Association of journalists of Serbia, SKP Businessman, TGI International) and with media partners (Ekapija, Indent, Ninamedia, B92). Vivaldi forums are always gladly accompanied by the local media.

Spring Vivaldi CEO Forum

This forum is intended for business leaders who create new value and lead powerful organizations that have knowledge and opportunity to launch society towards the development of community well-being . Those who have received honors and individual achievements by their communities can also contribute to this topic, as they too have a responsibility to the public for the collective image of society in Serbia and the region.

Summer Vivaldi CFO Forum

Every year , in early summer we gather the financial sector, regional economists, government and business leaders to share in their vision of the complex role of the financial sector and to discuss the opportunities that the future may bring. In addition to discussion groups and workshops, the forum provides a platform for meaningful understanding of key topics facing the industry of finance in the region. Participants and speakers of the forum are government officials, representatives of regulatory bodies, financial experts and executives from the banking and other related industries.

The HR forum is dedicated to the systematic development of human resources and strengthening the function of HR as an important department in all organizations. We know that today’s human resource managers have a dynamic and responsible role, the integration of people and strategies to achieve sustainability and improve organizational performance in a challenging business environment. Traditionally, the autumn Vivaldi HR forum brings leading HR professionals, practicional leaders to share with you the best practices in the field of human resources.

Winter Vivaldi CMO & CCO Forum

This forum is dedicated to the industry of marketing and communications . We discuss and talk about professional topics focused on the needs of consumers, innovation and the latest practices in the industry and the most modern techniques and practices in the region. In this forum, our participants include experts in marketing, communications, media and other related industries.

Spring Vivaldi CEO Forum
Summer Vivaldi CFO Forum
Fall Vivaldi HR Forum
Winter Vivaldi CMO & CCO Forum

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