Leadership forum – Virtue Laureate

Laureat vrlineVirtue laureate

Every result is based on personal renunciations, examples, achievements and virtues that we practice and develop. Although admittedly shyly, talk of corporate social responsibility, virtue has by far not flourished in our economic life.
The aim of Vivaldi Leadership Forum is to recognize and reward virtue expressed by entrepreneurs – those who are engaged in the creation of new value.  The forum brings together participants per call.
Selectors leadership forums are institutional partners of the Mokra Gora School of Management.

Nosioci Laureata MÅ MMŠM Laureate Awardees

2010 – Nikola Pavičić
2011 – Slobodan Petrović
2012 – Dragoljub Vukadinović
2013 – Dragica Bolić 
2014 – Slobodan Radun

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