Fall Vivaldi HR Forum

Creating winning teams of people who are our greatest wealth has long worn platitudes. HR as a business partner, it seems, except in systematization, is not a concept that has in any way changed its practice. It has come to the last moment for HR to change its archaic, old fashioned meaning and assume a role that belongs to it – the role of competent, engaged, respected and innovative business leaders who look at the wider picture in business, unhindered by bureaucratization, but not seduced by the sweet fruit of tree of technology.

If this painful and important evolutionary leap does not occur, the fate of the profession is quite clear and stark, either through Charan’s division, rather Darwinistically expressed, of HR’s that fly and HR’s that crawl, or through, perhaps a more sinister image, one of complete separation of administrative functions from the company, into some small, agile, external collaborators, and the shutdown of its internal role, which has not yet reached its adolescence, let alone full maturity and the contribution it can give.

Rarely does one hear about examples of HR managers who have played key roles in their companies, or of CEOs who recognized them as equals, and trustful and close associates. According to his own words, Jack Welch dedicated 60% of his time to the human resource management, due to the fact that his idea of ​​the importance and place of these functions in the organization was shaped by the revolutionary Bill Conaty, an HR Director with integrity, and one of the few who had the knowledge and courage to oppose and question the all-knowing Welch.

Unwilling to accept the withering away as the result and destiny of this profession, we believe that there is a desire and potential to make an effort and go out to conquer unknown territory for understanding the broader picture, through means other than the concept of the watchtower or the peephole, and for HR to take responsibility for the organization in a new, cherishing way, directed toward achieving full potential of individuals, while still having the well-being of the organization, and of course the ultimate goal – to achieve common prosperity.

If you have any suggestions for the content of the forum agenda, please contact Dragan Petrović, our Vivaldi Forum Direktor at  dragan.petrovic@msm.edu.rs or +381 65 3035091.


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